Our Graduates


Fellowship Placement

Graduates of the Residency Program in Obstetrics and Gynecology have been successful in fellowship placements and securing positions in academic departments and as leaders in community practices.  Listed are some of our recent fellowship placements.

  • Dr. Insiyyah Patanwala, class of 2015. Florida Hospital Healthcare System, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Dr. Lindsey Benson, class of 2014. Univ. of Washington, Family Planning Fellowship
  • Dr. Neha Bhardwaj, class of 2014.Univer. of New Mexico, Family Planning Fellowship
  • Dr. Nidhee Mathur, class of 2014: New York Univ.,Reproductive Endo. & Infertility Fellowship
  • Dr. Christina Boots, class of 2013:  Washington Unv., Reproductive Endo. & Infertility Fellowship
  • Dr. Laura Colicchia, class of 2013:  Univ. of Pittsburgh, Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Dr.. Marcela Smid, class of 2013:  Univ. of  North Carolina, Maternal Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Laura Douglass, Class of 2013:  Indiana University, Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Dr. Lia Bernardi, class of 2012. U. of Illinois. REI Research Fellowship, followed by REI Fellowship, Northwestern.
  • Dr. Melina Dendrinos, class of 2012. U. of Michigan. Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology
  • Dr. Margaret Mueller, class of 2012. Loyola U. Urogynecology Fellowship
  • Dr. Emily Hill, class of 2011:  Brown U , Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr. Andras Ladanyi, class of 2011:  U of Chicago, Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr. Emily Leung, Class of 2010:  Harbor UCLA, Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Dr. Erin Bishop, class of 2010: U of Oklahoma Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr. Mark Hoffman class of 2010 :  U of Michigan Minimally Invasive Surgery Fellowship
  • Dr. Ana Tergas class of 2010 :  John Hopkins Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr. Monica Willis class of 2010 :  Emory Univ.  Reproductive Endo. & Infertility
  • Dr. Nonyem Onujiogu class of 2009 : U of Wisconsin Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr Kanter class of 2008 :   U of Pittsburgh Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship
  • Dr. Summer Dewdney class of 2008 :  Washington U.  Gyn Oncology Fellowship
  • Dr. Jennifer Hirshfeld class of 2008 :  Northwestern U. Reproductive Endo. & Infertility
  • Dr. Megan Tarr class of 2008 :  Loyola U.  Urogynecology Fellowship
  • 2007 All Private Practice Placements
  • Dr. Micaela Della Torre class of 2006: MFM, U of I
  • Dr. Jessica Kiley class of 2006:  Family Planning Northwestern U.
  • Dr. Christina Lewicky class of 2006:  Urogynecology U. of Michigan
  • Dr. Sarah Adams class of 2005:  GONC U Penn
  • Dr. Sarosh Rana class of 2005:  MFM Brown U.
  • Dr. Todd Deutch class of 2005:  REI Virginia
  • Dr. Debbie Karp class of 2005:  Urogyn

Life After Residency…Chicago Lying-In Ex-Residents(CLIER)

EgyptThe CLIER alumni group meets bi-annually. National and international   continuing medical education courses are conducted. During local meetings, residents meet and discuss residency experiences and career opportunities with our graduates.

  • 2002-Egypt
  • 2004-Chicago, IL
  • 2006-Chicago,IL
  • 2008-Argentina
  • 2010-Chicago, IL
  • 2012-Italy
  • 2014-Chicago, IL